Enrich Enterprises, Inc. is a Management Consulting Group providing scalable and interim Executives, Leaders and Experts.

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Intelligence at Scale (IaS) gives you the talent you need, directing the Consultant’s “intelligence” to focus where and when its needed. The experienced Consultants at EEI can be rapidly “scaled” to focus their efforts on your organization where it’s required most, without the usual inherent delays associated with traditional onboarding. Scaling also means you can easily adjust consulting hours to fit your needs.
EEI Consultants include former C-suite leaders and highly experienced subject matter experts who can be positioned transparently within your organization as an Extension of your Talent Pool. They can get to work immediately to drive the success of your organization. We work with you to identify your current knowledge and capability gaps, and then assign Consultants to bridge those gaps.
EEI offers a unique Subscription feature, which is the “enabler” of our Intelligence at Scale (IaS) model. Once you establish a Subscription with EEI, you can scale (adjust) your Consultants as needed. This is especially valuable when projects, deadlines and timelines become more numerous and difficult to manage.
EEI Consultants follow standard practices and consulting methodologies that allow you to add or reassign talent, when required, in a seamless manner. Thus, your overall Consultant service costs are reduced, and you gain an Operational Advantage.
Once the gap is closed, the Consultant(s) withdraw, and you are not charged for unengaged costs. Should you need access to EEI Consultants again, they are available to provide support at a moment’s notice, thus providing Expertise on Demand.
Once you establish a Subscription with EEI, you have the ability to customize and obtain the talent that fits your needs and budget, thus providing you with a Talent Delivery Advantage.
Our Core Values. Integrity. Innovation. Balance. Community Dependability

Gain a Strategic & Competitive Advantage Today

Learn about each other’s teams, business and services.

Work together to match your business objectives & needs to our services & teams.

Research & Identify objectives & strategies to best support your business.

Subscribe, Meet the team, Start the work, and immediately make a difference.

Scale your extended bench of talent up & down to address immediate needs and fill gaps.

Together we can make a Substantial Difference and you can gain a
Competitive Advantage with-in your Organization immediately.


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Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

Matching EEI Bench Members with Client Opportunities

Work with Client to identify needs, define services and timeline

Select Bench Members with appropriate skills

Confirm Consultants suitability, availability and interest

Meet with Client and prep for engagement

Join EEI Service Line "Pod" and get acclimated

Provide services to Client and "cultivate" new opportunities

Our Guiding Principles. EEI is a strategic partner. EEI is a precise partner. EEI is a protective partner. EEI is a trusted partner. EEI is a caring partner.

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