Enrich Enterprises, Inc. is a Management Consulting Group providing scalable and interim Executives, Leaders and Experts.


You are a highly specialized solution provider. At EEI we expand the field of opportunity for you to do what you do best: apply your expertise to drive change. Working with EEI you are placed in organizations to make an impact, not fill a role. What does an opportunity with EEI look like?

The EEI Model.

Our clients have gaps which you can fill as our exceptional talent. Our model provides clients with on-demand control enabling you to be immediately leveraged when needs arise. You are not alone. Your Pod, Processes and Leadership support are here to help you make an immediate and noticeable impact.

  • Intelligence at Scale
  • Subscription Model
  • Pod Model
The Power to Scale... Intelligence on demand.

Our Intelligence at Scale (IaS) framework gives you the power to offer your expertise as an exact solution without the full-time commitment. EEI will identify organizations that have a gap in the specific expertise you possess, providing you the control to choose which and how many opportunities you wish to take on. Amplifying a team, working in an interim capacity or being an expert on-demand; you bring the intelligence needed to achieve success.

The Power to Scale... Intelligence on demand.


  • Shared Clients
  • Stable, Yet Flexible Assignments
  • Exercise Your Expertise
  • Control Your Workload

Our Subscription model is how clients make a commitment to your time and expertise. An EEI Subscription guarantees a mutually agreed upon amount of time each month that clients can utilize you as an advisor, allowing you to control your commitment and dictate your schedule. Working closely with an organization throughout the subscription period you will develop partnerships that celebrate your expertise and stimulate opportunities to make a deeper impact.

Direct Access to Executives, Leaders and Experts... When You Need Them!


  • Regular New Opportunity
  • Control Your Schedule
  • Team Support When You Want
  • Make An Impact

When a client requests a bench of experts from EEI we supply them with a Pod of complimentary talent that properly fulfills their needs. We offer our clients on-demand access to their talent solution; our Pod Model ensures we can offer an immediate solution while preserving your control over committed hours and schedule. A Pod offers you the ability to support each other, share resources and workload to ensure you will deliver, without the pressure of doing it alone.

An extension of your talent pool.


  • Comprehensive Process & Guidance
  • Share Knowledge & Workload When Necessary
  • Never Doing It Alone
  • Develop Partnerships and Relationships

Now that you know more about EEI and our model, the benefits of joining our team and how you can make an impact. Check out our job posting below to see where you can match your expertise with our current opportunities.

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